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Former business doesn't know my new address wants to send me a credit

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Wow I don't think I have been on here for 10 years if not longer. Some may remember me if so, say  Hi..
Couple of questions 

So I owned a house and had solar put on it about 4 years ago, I then sold the house and moved to another state. They are trying to bill me for 2 months of service which I feel I do not owe ..

I had auto-pay where they automatically deducted from my account, saved me 10$ a month. 

So I moved and they continued taking money from me, I called and had a  discussion and they said they I owe them 2 months of service  but they over charged me XX amount of dollars over the 2 months . Since then they have been attempting to deduct the amount from my bank account, after disputes with the bank, that I won with my bank. I put a stop on this.. The problem is they have been doing this every week , so it post and deducts from my account then falls off the next business day. Which is a huge pain 

So I am now in the process of closing that account and moving all my bill pays and my pay moved  to another account with the same bank.

I have gotten emails with them saying give us a call so we can mail you your credit.

Yesterday I got a call and answered it and it was the lady i was working with previously , very nice asking me for my address so they can mail me my refund, I said why don't you not just put it in my account that you have been trying to debit from every week. She says they have been trying to take money from your account? I said yes every week, Well I will have to get with them. Can I have your address to mail you refund, I said no I will get with you when I get settled.. I know they want to send me a collection bill ....with the credit .

So the questions .

1. Do they have to by law send me a notice that they will be debiting my account a week  prior to taking said money previously of doing it regardless if i give them permission to do it? I thought i read some where they had to. I know a couple of loans I have do it, and all my auto pay's do give me a notice prior. 

2. I want the check if I can get it , it's not much but the principle of the thing, but I do not want to give them my address, so  I have two option.

a) I give them my moms address in the state where I use to live and she forwards it me but that is a hassle for her and I do not want her to start getting collection letters 

b) I set up a "Anytime mail box" where they forward the mail to me .. If I do that is that sufficient for them to say hey you got the collection letter and them then putting it on my credit report?

As of now they do not know my new address and therefore can not send a collection letter and thus them sending me to collections or put it on my report is a no-no

My other option is just to call them back and tell them to apply it to the amount owed and go from there?



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1 hour ago, screwedbysears said:

As of now they do not know my new address and therefore can not send a collection letter and thus them sending me to collections or put it on my report is a no-no

No one needs your current address to park a collection on your credit report.  


Your name and your former address will be more than sufficient to match the debt with your credit file.

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1) With respect to the claim of 'feeling' you don't owe the two months, was a specific dispute drafted and sent to the address outlined in the contractual Agreement between the parties immediately upon notice?  If not, why not?


2) Was service canceled in accordance with the terms of said Agreement?  If not, why not?


3) A credit is separate from any other matter.  They should NOT be co-mingled. 


4) Just because a business is set to pull payments does not mean or even obligate the business to push a refund.  If that is not their standard practice, they are not typically going to change a practice to accommodate one person.


5) The amount of paranoia is appalling, especially coming from a long-term member of CB

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