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Teen credit?


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I have a 19 year old that is about to go to college. He has no credit and likely won't need any u till hi finishes school.


No student loans will be used for his school

No car loan

No credit cards

Nothing he's a blank slate.


What would be the best way for him to build his credit while in school so he has a good start when he finishes?


I was thinking about him getting a starter card or 2 and we could use it to pay his rent And utilities then just pay back the card each month. It's about $500 a month.


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Starter card with a lowish limit is a good idea.
Also add him as an AU on your oldest V/MC cards and he'll inherit the history.  You don't even have to give him the cards.
I was thinking that as well but I'll probably wait to that for awhile. Like I said he doesn't need anything right now.

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