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App for Marv

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Your Age 36

Your Equifax Credit Score: 545
Your Experian Credit Score: 543
Your TransUnion Credit Score: 535

How long have you been on file with the CRA? 18  years

Previous Automotive Credit History: Yes
Do you have an open auto loan? No

Will this loan be a trade-in? No
Number of late pays within the last 12 months on the currently open loan? None
Number of late pays within the last 13-24 months on the currently open loan? None


I have read and understand the original pinned "No Credit Check Required" topic.

Revolving Credit History:
Total number of revolving accounts? 4

Total percent utilization overall? 80%

Your Information:
How long at residence? 2 years
Rent/Homeowner/Live with relative? Rent

How long at current job? 1 year
Provable via computerized paystub or what method? $3500 per month
Your Downpayment in CASH: $4000 can do more

Does any credit repository contain any Collection Account(s)
If so, please describe. Santander Auto C/O circa 2016

New or Used Vehicle you are considering; please describe: Used Rav4 $18500 




P.S. I have a reputable dealership working on a possible loan, but am uncertain what the F&I manager is doing. Ive had multiple inquires from Ally and Capital One on different days. Why on different days? There's also an inquiry from Exeter Finance. Seems F&I is trying hard for Ally or Capital One. Was told I can never get a loan from Santander because of the charge off circa 2016.





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Well the first call from Capital One Auto Finance is the best call. Whatever they said regarding your application is it.  They hold their ground.  Unlikely then it would have been approved for the terms you and your F&I person discussed as acceptable.


Ally is workable, but only to a point.  The deal must make sense from their standpoint.


Exeter Finance is scrapping the bottom of the barrel for an approval of some sorts.


One thing I notice right away, your application indicates an open auto loan not being traded.    That's one heck of a bridge to cross for an F&I person who has a low scoring client to try to get approved.


Since this is a holiday weekend, they may be working with reduced staff as is normally customary, and your application will not be reviewed by the F&I person's normal crew of analysts.


Best of luck.

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44 minutes ago, MarvBear said:

One thing I notice right away, your application indicates an open auto loan not being traded

Nix that,   I read your app incorrectly.

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