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    • By CandiedCredit
      Hi Everyone, I have been at war with the big 3 for a few months now. I have had success with equifax and Transunion removing old addresses. However Experian just will not budge. Ive tried letters and calling and have gotten no where. My question is: Is it possible to dispute baddies off Equifax and Transunion, and once they remove items, to send some sort of follow suit letters to experian to get them to comply if the other two did? This is all hypothetical of course. I have not started disputing yet. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 
    • By c0moneyman
      Wassup y’all, I went through a rough patch in my life when I was 18 and overcharged the freak out of a kohls charge card and it went into collections. I paid it off and now i’m thinking🤔, how can i get that removed off my report since i paid it off. I know i should’ve tried to write a letter to them saying if i pay it off they’ll knock it off my credit but i wasn’t thinking back then. Is it to late to contact them and ask to get it removed if possible? Im not tryna wait 7 years i’m trying to get a house next year y’all.
    • By c0moneyman
      My new strategy for increasing my credit score is to use 2 secured credit cards for my expenses though-out the month and use my checking account to pay for the cards when the due date comes. I want to stop using cash and use credit, so it can grow! Now, i’m getting stuck on when to 
      1. actually use my cards during the month
      2. whens the best optimal time to pay back
      from my understandings i need to pay when i have a balance due (Due date is the 18th) and not the current balance, so that they can see i’m using my card, is that right? Or pay when the new statement comes out (21st of each month is when I get a new statement in my bank app). I just don’t want to be spinning my wheels thinking i’m doing this right, and my credit remains to same, i’m trying to get this new house ya’ll. Also i hear that some people pay multiple times throughout the month why is that, and the benefit? 
    • By CarolineSoDevine
      I have searched & searched for an answer to my question and I can't seem to find one...maybe I am not wording my search query correctly.  But...
      I have an old charge off on EX, that is reporting two consecutive 30-day lates (Dec 2014 & Jan 2015).   I am currently attempting to dispute this as inaccurate but they keep coming back verified.  I just don't understand how you can have two 30-day lates back to back.  If the account was never current shouldn't the 2nd 30 day late really be a 60 day? Or is something going over my head? Just looking for some leverage to possibly get this removed early.  It's scheduled to fall off in Sept.  I have been disputing this since 2017 though.  TIA.
    • By Zalc
      I have a Cap1 account with 4 Lates that are keeping my score at 710, when everything else is clean, low utilization and old, diverse report.
      The attached screenshot below has all the details...
      Late payments: Jun 2019 60 day, May 2019 30 day, Feb 2019 30 day, Nov 2017 30 day
      Any ideas for dealing with this?
      All posts I've seen here mentioned that the EO etc are not very useful these days.
      I don't care to lose the whole tradeline, I have plenty other accounts that are older.
      All I got for my trouble last time I tried to remove via goodwill is this message on the file:
      "Account previously in dispute – now resolved – reported by subscriber"
      Thanks for your input!

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