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After lurking in the shadows for a little while now, I decided I wanted to try why chat's guidebook on medical collections but felt really noobish once I didnt understand how to appropriately send priority mail. 


It says send a letter to the CRA with the proof of delivery number. Whats the delivery number? Is it on the forms Im getting from the post office?


Also, on the priority mail instructions, It says to affix the copy to the top of the hard copy of the letter. Does that mean staple it on the top so I dont lose it?


I promise you I am not as noobish as I seem. I guess I am kind of nervous?





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Why Chat will correct me if I am wrong.  But I think Why Chat means for you to send certified mail. 


The form looks like this: hcsVTIj.png

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Posted (edited)

Thank you MarvBear but NO NO NO!!

The "delivery # is on the mailing label and a tear off strip duplicates the #)

Priority mail is how all letters to CRAs and CAs should be sent.


(there is also a smaller envelope 


On the smaller envelope you will need to fold over a small part of the label to make it fit

You can get the envelopes delivered to you and buy the priority mail label on line or get the labels (pack of 50) from the PO

The labels have a detachable section just like the certified mail label does and I suggest you staple THAT strip to your hard copy of the letter you are sending. 


You can look up the delivery info on line and print out the proof of delivery


Priority mail does NOT require a signature for delivery so your mail will not be routed to a different department at the CRAs and it WILL be forwarded if the CA has moved

Edited by Why Chat

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