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Student loan Consolidated w/o my knowledge

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I have 6 trade lines reporting from Ascendium collections with notation of student loan and various amounts. 
After reviewing my credit report it shows US Bank as the original creditor. I called the student loan servicing phone number and asked where these tradelines are coming from & the rep states my student loans were consolidated. So of course I asked how because I don’t recall and never signed any docs. I requested her to send me the consolidation signature docs and any reference documentation. She only sent the original loan dating back 24yrs.

Can someone offer advice how to handle this and get this Ascendium off my credit reports. I have disputed with the CRA and they came back verified multiple times. I requested validation from Ascendium but no response. 

the listing shows On my credit report as removal date: 11/2021. 

if it does fall off next year I don’t want some new servicer picking it up and starting the game over. 


im equally concerned that a consolidation happened without my knowledge. 

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I would definitely send that request again, but by certified mail.  It is within your legal rights.  Then, contact an attorney. I just called one at my law firm today.

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    • By Ynocaus
      I received a collection letter from a law firm called "Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson LLC". It says they are attempting to collect a debt for the PA Office of Inspector General, and it says "Welfare Overpayment". I'm unsure of what this is about, nor do I know any details other than the amount due which is over $2k. 
      The letter also mentions "this is not a threat to file a lawsuit. At this time, no attorney has personally reviewed the particular circumstances of your account," and it asks for me to call a certain person at the company and gives a phone number.
      1. Since this doesn't mention a 30 day notice, should I still send a DV letter? If not, what is my next step?
      2. Does anyone know what the SOL (if any) would be in PA for a collections concerning "welfare overpayments"? 
      Thank you much!
    • By tanikir2
      I had a bad streak and my Capital One account was charged off and placed with Midland. 1k balance went to 7k and the terms they propose are laughable. I can dispute, but my biggest priorities are avoiding suit/garnishment and short term credit score improvement. Is it best to try to make a payment plan, dispute, or ignore? Is there another option I'm missing?
    • By PS2020
      Heya, found this forum through a Reddit recommendation and have been thumbing through it for the past few days, and wanted to thank you all for the information you all post! I'm still kind of new to this, so I'm trying to best figure out how to handle my situation and could use some advice.
      The wife and I are thinking of home ownership in the next year or two so i'm trying to fix my side of the credit now. I THOUGHT I had several things in collections (frankly I should), but according to my credit reports from the big 3, I don't. Hell, I had 7 negative accounts back in january, but I checked again with annual credit report and I currently just have 3 accounts with negative marks. There's a 4th card that Experian and TU report, which is my Discount Tire (SYNCB/CAR CARE DISC TIRE), BUT it reports it as lost/stolen for some reason, even though I never did such a thing. REGARDLESS, I'll deal with that one if and when I need to (unless you have advice you'd like to give on that). I want to focus on the 3 that show up on all 3 credit reports.
      I'm not sure which Credit Report to go with as far as figuring out dates and stuff, because they're all kind of slightly different, so I'll mainly go with Experian:
      Amex -
      Payment Status - Charged Off
      Status Updated - September 2019
      Balance - $559
      Past Due Amount - $352
      Balance Updated - September 18 2020
      (Equifax) Delinquency First Reported - Sep 01, 2019
      (Trans Union) Estimated month and year that this item will be removed - 06/2022
      Chase Sapphire -
      Payment Status - Charged Off
      Status Updated - April 2019
      Balance - $5,693
      Past Due Amount - $5,693
      Balance Updated - April 22 2019
      (Equifax) Delinquency First Reported Apr 01, 2019
      (Trans Union) Estimated month and year that this item will be removed - 12/2020
      Chase Amazon -
      Payment Status - Charged Off
      Status Updated - April 2019
      Balance - $730
      Past Due Amount - $730
      Balance Updated - April 22 2019
      (Equifax) Delinquency First Reported Apr 01, 2019
      (Trans Union) Estimated month and year that this item will be removed - 09/2025
      I'm not sure why my sapphire says it'll be removed (allegedly of course) by the end of this year, because it's a higher debt and it wasn't paid the same time the chase amazon card wasn't, so that's where i'm confused. In fact, i'm just very confused in general, because I know I had more cards than this that I defaulted on unfortunately. I know you all heard every single "life was difficult" story, so please don't take my lack of elaborating as not caring about my mistakes, because I do deeply care; i'd just rather not bore you all with the same story you've heard before.
      I guess my question would be what is the best way of going about dealing with these 3 negative marks? I've gotten phone calls and letters for years and just never answer or respond to them. In fact, i'm sitting on a letter from Nationwide Credit in regards to my Chase Sapphire card from a couple weeks ago.
      Do I even bother dealing with letters from Nationwide Credit for example? Should I ignore those completely and go straight to the Original Creditors? If so, how do I even start that conversation? I'm in Illinois so I know the SOL is 5 years, which is why some of the "Estimated time this item will be removed" is confusing to me. 
      Anyways, thank you all for your time! If you need more info or if I asked in the wrong place, I'm deeply sorry! I just don't know where to start.
    • By Toast73
      Since my first store credit card in the summer of 1992 (JC Penney), Experian has used some form of subterfuge to decimate my credit rating with them.
      Their latest attempt to hornswoggle my credit report is actually frustrating me to the point of driving to their nearest corporate office (Schaumburg, IL).
      I have disputed items that are both obviously incorrect to the human eye and to the CRA. They verify the items and finish my dispute at 4:09AM.
      I request a reinvestigation. They verify it and finish the reinvestigation at 6:12AM.
      My report is in Special Handling, so I am confused as to why some pissed off Bangladeshi is completing my requests (as evidenced by the time of completion) instead of someone stateside.
      Nonetheless, I am overnighting 8 separate MOV letters to Experian requesting that they tell me who they spoke to at Montgomery Ward, and why an online catalog store told them I have an unsecured loan with them (when they do not offer such). Or how Gettington can tell me they cannot find anything they shipped to my non-existent address, yet can verify an account with Experian. (to name a few of my grievances).
      I am simultaneously sending each of the 8 companies a "Hey, can you tell me who you spoke with at Experian" letter. I fully expect all 8 to tell me "WTF are you talking about? Nobody from Experian contacted us."
      With paperwork in tow, I will find an FCRA attorney to hit them with 8 counts of FCRA malfeasance. I will look to settle with them for emotional damage, the violations, cost of preparing all notices (at $25 an hour) and whatever else is deemed just and proper.
      At this point, I'm not sure its about getting items removed anymore; it is painfully obvious that Experian (et al.) has a penchant for shoving the proverbial ham candle up the consumer's keister, sans lube, and intends to continue to do so with little (if any) oversight for all of eternity.
      I am still unsure if I can file action against LexisNexis for freezing my report in accordance with Georgia law (I am a Hoosier), and for referring to me as a female (my wife will verify my manparts if needed).
      Guess I am looking for input, and possibly some caveats, before firing these letters off.
    • By CCXX2018
      new to the forum (glad I found it) , I have a collection agency called Simon's agency which is trying to collect on an already paid debt , I have reported this to the CFPB but I need your advice on how to proceed further.
      Any help highly appreciated .

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