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Student Loan Dispute

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I have about 18 student loan accounts that all say roughly the same thing, "Paid Closed," but they also then show 10 late payments or 52 charge-offs, which by the way is how many times it was late and shows a Negative.  All of them show a most recent date of 2015.  I recently consolidated them all so I'm wondering, do I dispute them all to have them removed from my report, or because they are from 2015, should I just leave them?  it isn't showing up as a total of debt that calculated in my Experian or other reports.


I know the new consolidated student loan is going to show up soon and all 18 of these will technically be paid now.  I am trying to raise my score for a mortgage and its been several years of up and down income, now that I have a steady salary, I'm trying to clean all of this up.  I just don't want to dispute the accounts only to have them update and really damage my score.  I'd upload a pic but I don't know how to do it from a URL.



This one below is showing late payments through April of 2020, but shows its updated on 2015, so do I only dispute these?  That show currently late?  


Payment Info
StatusSeriously past due date / assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantor's internal collection department
Updated onDec 01, 2015
Past due amount$1,307
Original loan amount$666
Monthly payment-
Late payments
You've made 100% of your payments on time for this account.
Data Unavailable





Thanks in advance for any help.



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combination of federal/private.  As of today, the consolidation went through so now these are all up to date.  I just assumed the new consolidation will post as a new account and these will just sit there.  So I wanted to get them removed.  Or, because I consolidated, will they all update as current and paid?



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How does it report on actual paper reports obtained directly from the four major bureaus?  That formatting looks like it came from an online report, no matter whether tri-merge or not...you NEVER want to take ANY course of action using online data.

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Unless things have changed since I left school, a concern will exist in that you consolidated without first rehabbing.  At least in the old days, once rehabbed, the negatives were removed.  However, while a consolidation IS a fresh start with a new lender, it did nothing to rehab the earlier loan.  Rehab used to consist of something like six or nine timely payments after having entered into the rehab agreement.  Perhaps one of the members more current with student loans can chime in...


As to any potential success on a dispute, much will be driven by who you defaulted with...but many of the common lenders tend to be rather tenacious and will have the records, to include the original Loan Agreements. 

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I am just going to take my chances and disputed it all no matter what, can't get worse at a 530 or so per score.  And I don't have the time or the patience to order a paper copy.  Not sure why a paper copy would differ from the online version.  makes zero sense.  But, in the 30 days I've started working on this, my score as jumped up about 30 points each with Eq, TU and EX, so I'll keep working it and paying on time.  


The consolidation just funded so they are all paid now.  and I just took a HELOC on my home to pay all my other debt.  I didn't have a mortgage otherwise, so it should slowly improve.  I guess it will be luck of the draw on if the old student loans get removed or not, or update.


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There are MULTIPLE reasons why you benefit from a dispute which originates from a paper report, not the least of which is time limitations AND the fact that you can be SPECIFIC as opposed to using generic check-box tripe. 


But if you aren't serious, then we don't need to spend more time in this thread and a mod can just lock it up...

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