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scam emails that get through gmail


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The form you have earlier provided was finished improperly.
The fees, along with the deadline in connection with form 1099 for non-compliance have also been recently revised from earlier calendar years, for this reason you should be aware of these adjustments.
If in twenty four hrs we'll not collect a completed form from you, we're likely to be obliged to bill you additional charges.

"The form 1099 changes and penalty fees reminder message" from

InformationDocument declaration-form@inqwari.com via mailchimpapp.net



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I frequently get email from Nfcu.org aka fake Navy Federal


It looks real, and the email Id it comes from has domain response.nfcu.org. 


First time when I clicked on the link "View Your eMessage" took me to login page and seemed exactly like NFCU webpage.. but looking at the address bar gave it away.


Needless to say I closed the browser.


The log/pwd, the secure ID, the rSA token, the pass code on phone are hackable.


Can we fake DNA???


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On 4/15/2022 at 12:55 PM, Krish said:

I frequently get email from Nfcu.org aka fake Navy Federal


While the email is fake, the url is genuine ... to the extent that when typed into a browser it will re-direct to navyfederal.org.

So, I presume in your phishing email the "nfcu.org" text masks the actual/fraudulent url in the link.


As you likely experience, most phishing emails tend to be amateur efforts and easily spotted for what they are.   The infrequent ones that pass the initial "sniff" test, such as your nfcu email, really freak me out.  If they can keep me involved for 2 minutes, I figure there's about 20% of the population that is very vulnerable to be fully taken in to them.


It's times like this where I become more amenable to the idea of public corporal punishments for such offenses since the current deterrents appear insufficient.  (I think I just find myself fantasizing that were I ever stung for an appreciable monetary sum, I'd avidly enter a lottery to be the one to chop a hand off ...)

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