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Last Collection Deleted Thanks to WhyChat Method

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I don't need any advice per-se, but perhaps this will help someone else out. I had one last medical collection for $300 where they absolutely refused to do a PFD. I sent a settlement offer and it went unanswered. I gave them 30 days to write me back. When I didn't hear anything, I sent WhyChat's Medical DV to the CA and still haven't heard anything after 20 days or so (I figured it wasn't too unusual with all the stuff going on, but at the same time--this "Mom and Pop" collection agency is actually in my city. So mail shouldn't be an issue. ) I just got an alert from Equifax and Transunion that it has been removed! Experian always seems to be the slow turtle at removing things, but I'm sure it will fall off this month as well. I was pretty annoying with my methods as I'd call the OC to get it "pulled back" and such, they kept saying we don't own the debt anymore, etc. So I also realize I didn't do everything in order, but that last letter I sent out...it did something they couldn't prove or didn't / couldn't screw with HiPAA.

Anyhow, I hope this helps someone and thanks again for your efforts here WhyChat. Feel free to PM me a way to get you $10 or so for you to enjoy a beer / glass of wine / etc on me as a thank you.

As far as data points, it really kicked up my lowest on Equifax for 18 points. I think the biggest increases I saw were in the Auto Enhanced and Mortgage Scores. Some of those went up by +30 points.

EDIT: Another thing I wanted to add in here was I had a second collection I was working on where they absolutely refused to do a PFD as well. (that's usually my starting point in conversation, then I move over to the WhyChat method). So with this, I was able to call the OC and ask the same thing. They said I could pay them, but they would just have to let the CA know it was paid. I said no, this isn't going to work. Can you tell them to remove it? She put me on hold to talk to her supervisor and advised that if I paid, they would attach a note asking them to remove the account, but that's the best they could do. It was an $89 collection, so I figured I would take the gamble. It was off in two days after payment to OC. I know that was a big leap of faith to take, but it paid off!

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So since you paid OC the $89 directly instead of the CA. Even without any letter of agreement with the OC, does the CA have legal authority to update the CRedit Report with Status of ‘Paid’ (instead of removing from credit report) even though you never paid them (CA) directly?. I would think since you did not pay the CA, they’re obligated to remove from your credit file. Does anybody know for sure how this works?

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The acceptance by the OC of the balance paid in full triggered an obligation to delete from the CA and the reports. The HIPAA letter program includes a way of paying an OC that includes that statute.


If you wish to have guidance for the program, start your own thread with your own situation for individualized counseling

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