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My BMW visa turned into a MasterCard

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I've has it for a while with a 10k limit. BMW wouldnt budge on the limit and its generally almost always pay in full. 


Now elan/world bank took it over. I have a fidelity card they took over and have dealt with them in the past, and overall like them and have had good experiences with them. 


I called and talked to them about a credit increase. They are normally pretty conservative with limits but to my surprise they went from 10k to 20k. Also the reward structures seems better. Its a world MasterCard now and the points can be converted to cash back if you have no interest in buying a BMW 


When talking to their underwriter, they hinted quite a few times about me recommending the card to friends and family. They definitely hinted that they want to add more to their portfolio and made it seem like their normally somewhat strict approvals would be a little less strict to gain customers. It may be a card worth trying for. She did say customers who are building credit are being approved with a higher interest rate and lower credit line to get their food in the door as a pay in full card to build. May be something to keep an eye on. Not trying to convince anyone to apply but spreading the info I got directly from the horses mouth. 


When the card was with BMW financial, the reward structure sucked so I'm guessing they didn't have a huge portfolio. I know elan/world bank likes big portfolios and they run tons of cards for credit unions etc 





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This could be a good niche card for certain people, particularly those who own a BMW and have it serviced OOP at a BMW dealer, since the highest and best earning/redemption paradigm would be:


BMW purchases (4% on the no-AF card)


paired with


BMW redemptions (25% bonus when the points are used this way).


Before I leased my BMW last year, I considered getting this card and using it for as much of the MSDs/DAS costs as the dealer would allow, but since I won't have any maintenance/repair costs and don't anticipate owing anything at lease end (except the $350 disposition fee), the numbers didn't work.


Decent fit for the right person, though.  Thanks for posting!

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I've had the card from back in the day when having it issued by BMWF made it an oddball. I've been thinking about kicking it to the curb now that it is just a ho-hum Elan card. As I don't expect to buy a BMW newer that 1974 anytime soon and haven't had one about 5 years, I see little utility.

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