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Can you negotiate a lease?

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I see ads for lease deals like 2k down and 200 a month etc. Can you negotiate maybe only 1k down and then 200 a month as an example? Or would less down always raise the monthly payment similar to financing?


I'm really hoping to negotiate the up front down payment. 


Work will pay half of my monthly lease within reason but the money up front they won't help with. 


I've never had a lease so I'm new to it all 

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Absolutely read Leasehackr like it's a part-time job until you know what you are doing.


Here are a few key tips:


DO NOT negotiate on monthly payment. 


Negotiate the dealer discount off MSRP, before any factory incentives.  The payment is a byproduct of all of the other inputs.  By itself it's impossible to know if you're getting screwed just by looking at the payment amount. 


The national ads are almost always terrible deals relative to what's otherwise achievable if you know what you're doing.  They also generally exclude tax, registration and other upfront fees, and may include incentives for which you do not qualify.


Any money down on a lease will likely be lost if you total the vehicle (insurance will not reimburse you).  GAP coverage protects the lessor's interests, not yours.


Know which incentives you qualify for, as well as the buy rate for the money factor (finance rate).  You can get this info by posting a request on the Edmunds forum that's specific to the vehicle you are seeking.


If you don't go into the deal with sufficient knowledge, the odds of getting screwed on a lease vs. a purchase are probably tenfold, since most people cannot even do basic math (not saying you can't, just a general comment).  


If you cannot plug in ALL of the details of a proposed dealer offer into this calculator and get the same payment as the dealer - AND explain to someone else exactly why you're getting a great deal - do not sign.




Last, refuse everything in the finance office.  This is where all the homework that goes into getting a great deal on the lease itself gets undone -- and then some.  Hang onto your wallet any time you are offered something to ensure your "peace of mind."




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  • Admin
12 hours ago, Caddypower said:

I'm really hoping to negotiate the up front down payment. 


Leases do not require a downpayment.  However there are upfront fees due at lease signing, which are disclosed on the contract (not to be confused with a downpayment).  If you do not pay these they just get rolled into the cap cost with the net result of increasing your monthly payment.


I can''t speak as to the reliability of the calculations on the above mentioned site,  Provided you know the particulars I have an actual working lease calculator in the pinned section of this forum.  Provided you know the particulars, it will calculate your payment and upfronts to the penny.  You can even load the upfronts and change the cap cost to reflect it and see what your new payment would be.

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