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    • By Shareh
      After lurking in the shadows for a little while now, I decided I wanted to try why chat's guidebook on medical collections but felt really noobish once I didnt understand how to appropriately send priority mail. 
      It says send a letter to the CRA with the proof of delivery number. Whats the delivery number? Is it on the forms Im getting from the post office?
      Also, on the priority mail instructions, It says to affix the copy to the top of the hard copy of the letter. Does that mean staple it on the top so I dont lose it?
      I promise you I am not as noobish as I seem. I guess I am kind of nervous?
    • By HoneyB123
      In 2017 at my annual exam there was some question as to whether or not my insurance would pay Planned Parenthood, but they just took my copay. The next year I asked to make sure they were getting paid and they said don't worry about it unless you get a bill from us. I never did. I moved in July of 2019 and they must have finally sent a bill to my old address, but it was never forwarded to me. It showed up as a collection on my credit reports this month and I went to the clinic and paid them directly and got a statement with a zero balance. But it has been a long. long time since I've had to deal with collections on my report. I thought as long as you paid the original creditor you could get a collection removed, but now that I'm looking up procedures I'm super confused as to where to start.
      A few questions:
      Medical debt is supposedly handled differently, but this looks like any other financial transaction and the debt is listed as "loan amount" on my Experian report. Does this matter in how I dispute it?
      The collection agency has a different account number listed from my medical statement and was clearly sending correspondence to my old address, does that matter?
      The collection agency has added $5 to the balance owed, so can they claim I am not paid in full?
      I know under certain circumstances it's not a good idea to dispute online, is this one of them?
      I looked at the WhyChat info and I'm not sure how to proceed because this is my debt, but a lot of the information is wrong. Can someone please tell me where to start? I really want this removed and not just listed as paid.
    • By Why Chat
      Hope for the future;
      The ruling by U.S. District Judge Rodolfo Ruiz, who was appointed by President Donald Trump in May 2018, could weaken one of the most common defenses debt collectors use in federal court: that they were simply relying on the information a medical provider gave them and therefore aren’t responsible for sending an erroneous collection notice.
      In his order, Judge Ruiz said the debt collector was “not entitled to simply rely on the presumption that all debts referred by the medical center are validly due and owing.” The decision is currently being appealed to the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta.
    • By NickInIN
      I paid the OC before finding this program.
      The CA updated the collection on TU to "Pay Status:  >Account Paid in Full; was a Collection<"
      The website for the CA states all of their collection programs are "designed to be consumer conscious and are HIPPA and FDCPA compliant."
      My question is will this will this program still work for them?
    • By FireEmt21
      The first dunning letter is for an alleged old medical bill for $900
      Collection Agency is Dynamic Recovery Solutions. They give me three payment options but down on the bottom it says they cannot sue me for this debt nor report it to my credit reports.
      How should i handle this one? Just ignore them?
      The second one is not a medical collection but from the same CA. It's for an old cell phone bill for 200. Again down at the bottom it says they cannot sue me for this debt but they can report it to my reports.
      I have a feeling this comes from filling a complaint with the BBB against Jefferson Capital Systems last week. I filed on the 16th and these letters are dated for the 15th. Coincidence? Just an fyi the phone bill lists JCS as the "current creditor". May i also add that after complaning to the BBB then disputing JCS to the bureaus they did remove JCS from all 3CRA's.
      How should i proceed? Thoughts

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