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At the end of the day it's all fun and games until "the struggle to breathe, blood clotting, heart and lung damaging" virus without a cure or vaccine hits close to home because the hoax turned out to not be one.   



Despite his own Covid-19 diagnosis, Pinal County sheriff Mark Lamb says he still has no plans to wear a mask in public or enforce any future orders requiring one to do so.


If wearing a mask guaranteed that I would not contract the virus from a non mask wearer then I would encourage every single one of the people who don't think this is a big deal to march mask free through a covid-19 ward or any enclosed venue and let nature take its course.   Unfortunately, since the virus is highly contagious, I have a vested interest in the naysayers who spit all over the place yelling about being sheep not turning into an army of Typhoid Covid-19 Mary's.     I really wish it was otherwise but 2020 has a wicked sense of humor.  

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20 hours ago, hegemony said:

Frustratingly, we heard the same things in late February and early March. In an ideal world everyone would be like "ok, now let's do this" but that does not seem to be happening. 

On 6/28/2020 at 3:10 PM, Bad Doctor Frost said:

Not satire. Do you support governments telling their people what to wear, or don't you? It's fascinating seeing which side people would be on today. 

Wearing a mask or not doing so is in no way indicative of "which side people would be on" in Nazi Germany, which is what you're implying.


People of reason -- public health officials, medical experts, and yes, governments -- are asking us to pretty please wear a mask, refrain from unnecessary close social contact, and just attempt to suppress transmission. That's it. 


No one has been spirited away in the night for "liberal media" re-education, or given a "mask scofflaw" brand, or been fined. 


We as Americans can all just decide to, especially if we want to resume portions of life, do what we know works during a novel virus/pandemic: wear a mask. Socially distance. Avoid activities likely to transmit the virus. 


Why do people want to be oppressed so badly? I don't like the mask, but I wear it because I don't want to pass the virus to someone and kill them. It's not difficult. It's annoying. I cope. Can't we all just do this to protect other Americans? Why are we like this?

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