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One Flu Over the Dealership

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If an employer wanted to compel me to get ANY medical procedure, I will promptly begin packing up my personal belongings and going elsewhere. 


For me, it isn't about being an "anti-vaxxer" but rather that 1) too many people I have known who got the shot felt miserable for the next week and 2) the shot is based upon a guess as to the strain of the year.  I'd rather take my chances...

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The only industry I can see where an influenza vaccination should be mandatory is health care. Just because the stealership wants no absenteeism during the busy year end holiday months should not be of concern here.

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LOL, it won't become mandatory at a store, because the Dealer or the Dealer Principal would Never foot the bill.  And they cannot make you submit to a medical procedure as a condition of employment for which you would have to pay.

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