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How should I attack Collection?

How should I handle this potential credit score dropper?  

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  1. 1. How should I handle this potential credit score dropper?

    • Send out Cease and Desist to the collection company, demand they send it back to OC
    • Demand that the Bank resolve this
    • Email use social media to compel the OC to retrieve this debt from JDB?
    • Both 1 and 3

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I rented a car in Aug, my CC company paid the charges. In November I receive a credit I assumed it was a miss calculated payment I go on with my life thinking that surely they will correct the mistake of an overpayment, fast forward mid December I receive a notice from the car rental asking me to pay for services, I assumed it was late incoming toll charges, the amount was small not the cost of the rental. 


There are a lot of useless excuses why I didn't act before now, one being I was disgusted with yet another bill (I should have paid).  The letter came last week cutting me off as a rental car user with debt sent to a JDB.  I'm sinking bad.  


I called both OC(car rental company) and Bank( credit card company) both on the line at the same time, I asked them what happened bank said OC just sent a refund they don't know why and the OC said only the customer or the bank can request a refund.  Bank said I called on Nov 22nd and requested a refund that happened on Nov 18th.  OC said the bank said I requested a refund on Nov 7th.  The bank has no record of me calling until Nov 29th about an unrelated issue.  I asked for supervisors from both OC and Bank and requested an audit of what took place, recorded phone calls and all.


My card was not over the limit so I don't know what happened but now I'm in a jam I can't take a hit from a new collection on my credit especially from something I never requested. Additionally, consumers have 60 days to dispute a transaction I believe my 60 days would have passed. I will PIF the OC but I can't pay the JDB, the bank can pay them I won't.


So, I am sure there is a loophole to have this situation reversed and resolved. Need some advice of how to move.

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I don't think you need to freak out. It's unlikely it was actually sold to a JDB. It may even just be an internal collection division requesting payment. I'm not sure there was any reason for the 3 way call and requesting an audit. Seems like a waste of everyone's time. Just pay the car rental company and move on. You can certainly send the CA the letter from my sticky thread if there is an actual CA

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This is definitely something that needs to be resolved given the consolidation in the car rental business.  You do NOT want to be in a position to where you cannot rent a vehicle.  And yes, unwinding that sort of thing CAN take a while once they have made the internal notations of do-not-rent...I went through that with Enterprise/National several years ago (damage claimed but never notified, only learned about it when dealership tried to put me in the in-house Enterprise vehicle and got told no- situation worked out but it took a few weeks). 


Social media will not likely get anywhere with car rental entities...in the early days of social media, the teams could get better results than a letter.  Those days have generally become a faint memory.


Concur that this is not something that has been sold.  However, the language in the letter will make clear whether this is placement paper or purchased paper.  Bottom line is that you NEED to make this right with the rental company.  You rented their car and they are certainly due funds for the service. 

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