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Within SOL PFD to OC?


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Has anyone had luck with a PFD with the OC for a charge off that was still within their state’s SOL? If my reading serves me right, it’s rare (if not unheard of) but I’d be interested to know people’s experiences and how they went about it.





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How long has it been since the delinquency originally occurred?  What is the amount in question?  And, in the still unanswered category...who is the creditor? 


Where people have the MOST success with an original creditor whom they defaulted with, it is in the first six months through the Rule 5000 adjustment.  This allows the motivated customer to actually pay what is owed and, in some instances, regain access to the account with a deletion of the negative recording.  It is a statutory re-aging permitted by FDIC rules...


There are some instances where a person who is not afraid of their phone can actually get a similar sort of deal by speaking to the executive office levels but without the reopening of the account.  The key is to not be afraid of the phone and to be able to carry on a conversation with corporate-level staff (these are NOT arrangements to be made with front-line phone jockeys). 

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I pulled this off exactly once, but...


The regional bank that issued the credit card is owned by a high school friend's father, and my friend works at the bank and helped me out.


This scenario would be among the more difficult CB tactics to replicate, since for many it would involve the retroactive cultivation of a different high school social circle to include the progeny of prominent local bankers.


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Thanks for the responses, that’s sort of what I thought.


Hegemony, the creditor hit parade includes Patelco, Target, Chase, Barclay’s, and CitizensOne.


Centex, the dates of first delinquency vary only slightly, all being 10 or 11/2018. The amounts due are also fairly similar, approx $4,000, except Target which is $600.  I had read another of your posts about the Rule 5000 adjustment, but alas these have been charged off for over a year.


I would prefer to reach out to the OCs for payment over the course of this year instead of going through the CAs currently working the files. Does paying the OC cement the entry to the reports? 

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The last post in this topic was posted 1138 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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