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    • By MarvBear
      Dear MARV,

      The state of Louisiana has changed their trade-in tax credit rule.  They are no longer allowing trade-in credit for a vehicle that is owned by a spouse. 

      The only time trade-in tax credit will be granted is when the vehicle is titled in Louisiana and is owned by the buyer purchasing the new vehicle.

      Please review your pending accounts for the state of Louisiana, if the trade-in vehicle used for tax credit was owned by a spouse who is not listed on the vehicle being purchased, you will need to recalculate without trade-in credit.

      The only way to apply for trade-in credit for a vehicle traded-in by a spouse is if the buyer titles the vehicle in their name first in the state of Louisiana.

      If you have any questions, please reach out to our Dealer Support Services at (561) 276-3040.

      Best regards,
      Your DMV Nationwide Team
      at Interstate Title Solutions, Inc.
    • By MarvBear
    • By JoeSchmoe
      I posted a thread in the general credit forum but figured this may be more appropriate for the automotive, so I apologize for the cross post:
      So my question is about this settlement:
      I had an SUV repo’d in summer of 2017 (originally purchased in 2012). Since I handed over the keys when they picked it up, I guess they considered it voluntary, so it’s listed as a charge-off. I just wrapped up a divorce at the time and I kept the vehicle as a result but it was still in both me and my ex-spouse’s name at the time it was taken.
      Fast forward to now and it’s been awhile since they have contacted me. I disputed with all bureaus to try and get it off my reports and it was deleted on EX but it was verified on EQ and TU.
      Based on the outcome of this settlement, will I be able to get it removed from the other two bureaus? Oh and I’m in TX by the way (not one of the states listed in the lawsuit).

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