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Correcting late payments reported in error

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We have been working with the Federal Loan Services to correct late payments showing on my husbands credit reports in error for my daughters 3 student loans. They have updated the information to show the loans are Paid, closed with a $0 balance, and showing You've made 97% of your payments on time for this account but each loan is still showing 3 late payments. The payments were never late the loans were deferred and no payments were due which the person we have been working with has admitted that no payments were due when they reported them as late. She does not seem to know what she has to do to get the negative information removed. What information does she need to give the credit bureaus to get the late payment information removed? My husbands score dropped almost 100 points then increased 45 points when they changed the information to Paid and closed. She seems to be trying to correct the error but is not understanding what needs to be done to fix their mistake. Thank you,


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do you have the deferment and the admission from the lender that it was never late? It sounds like you need to escalate the situation to someone there that has authority to correct credit reporting.


:offtopic: but for those reading this in the future, this is why you don't borrow money for other people, including "co-signing" ... even when you do everything correctly this type of spit can happen and screw up your reports and waste your time getting it corrected.

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