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One Account showing as 3 collections - Got Denied Credit Cards

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I had a medical bill for $2,000 go into collections with AmeriCollect. Although it was 1 bill, they broke it up as 3 different collection accounts on my CRs totaling the $2,000. My FICO dropped from 800 to 740. I tried negotiating the debt down with AmeriCollect and they had me on hold for 20 mins only to come back with "we will take $50 off". Screw that.


I applied today for a Citibank cc and a Chase cc as these banks are offering huge frequent flyer mile bonuses for new sign ups. Both banks denied me. I have no other negatives or lates on my CR ever since I was 18 years old (i'm 46 now).


Was it the collection accounts that caused the denials?


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Maybe. You need to call the backdoor numbers for each of them and speak to a credit analyst. You can find out why and ask for reconsideration. 


The next recommended step is not to apply for any new cards until you complete Why Chat's process for removing medical collections. 

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1) where are you getting your three-digit number from?  In other words, are you referencing scores or sKores? 

2) collection activity, especially in the absence of other derogatory accounts, will generally result in FAR more than a 60 point drop, especially when fresh.

3) A single medical incident is often going to have three or four entities who prepared billings...this is because of how the various professionals have their business structure established. 

4) you have not offered enough information to say whether that was the sole reason impacting the denial.  There are a LOT of reasons why big banks (and even little ones) will not approve a new application...


How fresh is this medical issue?  MOST medical professionals immediately farm out their receivables.  They are not collections in the truest of sense despite what some people will attempt to lead you to believe. 


What arrangements did you make with the professionals who provided the services?  Were those arrangements kept? 

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