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Highest Amount Owed

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Does highest amount owed form a basis for higher starting limits or during CLI requests or is highest amount owed not relevant and/or only viewed manually?


Random Examples:


Card #1 CL $20000 Highest Balance Owed $18000 Current Balance 0

Card #2 CL $20000 Highest Balance Owed $10000  Current Balance  0

Card #3 CL $20000 Highest Balance Owed $1000 Current Balance 0


All things being equal, which one of the above highest balances owed, if any, helps with a higher CL?


👉🏻 Highest amount owed at least has a memory for those of us who PIF before the statement closes.



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I have seen no evidence that data field matters or that it is even communicated to lenders during the approval process. Perhaps upon manual review it would be viewed, but there are 974 other factors that are more important.

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I would add that each issuer has its own idiosyncrasies for approving cards, setting limits and evaluating CLI requests.


Chase, for example, has a reputation for being good with initial limits but stingy with CLIs. 


Amex does the 3x after 91 day thingie (or at least they did).


Barclays will tell you that in order to get a CLI you'll have to run more spending through their card (but for me, there is no amount of spending that will satisfy them).


et cetera...

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FWIW, I have cards reporting "highest amount owed" in multiples of the stated credit limit and it has not helped or harmed

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