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I don't know if TAB Banks policies have recently changed or not. I applied online for a Business Checking Account around 11/23/19. I never heard nothing, and never followed up. Then on 1/8/20, I got an email from a bank rep requesting a utility bill. I emailed it to her. 4 hours later, I got an email saying i was approved. I was given routing and account number via email. I was able to sign up for online banking. On 1/11/20 I thought what the hell and applied for their personal checking, i was instantly approved.  I'm not sure if they use Chexsystems or not. I know back in 2008 they didn't.  My Chexsystems is horrible. I have 9 unpaid closures still showing in which was from ID Theft. When i take proper documentation in to open an account at any bank branch, they usually accept that and still open accounts with no issues.  But I am not sure if maybe the business account by passed chexsystems, since i would be an " existing customer ". 



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Once upon a time TAB was an original non-chex bank..  I remember you could go to Pilot truck stops to purchase gift cards and you can use those gift cards - which are free to purchase with cash and debit cards - to add funds to your TAB bank account. Then, they started using chexsystems, and from what I recall - it was being used even on existing account holders retroactively, so it was removed from the list of friendly banks.


They are based in Ogden, Utah and have no branches other than the one. I am inclined to believe they have suspended their chexsystem usage - (at least for now) based on a report of an acquaintance who had frozen chex, was approved and no inquiry or attempt appeared on their report.


Personally I am not a big fan of banks who switch their chex policies to apply retroactively and walking on eggshells with a company that holds onto my money for me. It makes me nervous and in this situation if they were to ever close you down, you cant just walk into a branch to collect your money.


Just be careful with this one, but if it works for you - awesome..and congratulations. 


If anything changes, please let us know. 

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Wait two statement cycles before starting direct deposit or auto payments.  Also, have a backup non-chex account.

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