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American Coradius International/Paypal Dispute

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Hey Folks. I received a notice from ACI notifying me that they are collecting on a debt that I owe PayPal of $513.12 which they are willing to settle at $384.85. I sent in a validation letter and they responded with a form letter and a list of charges against the account with a PayPal letterhead at the top. PayPal sent me the same letter prior to it going to collections. I have no issue with settling at $384.85 so long as the debt is considered fulfilled and they can't come back to collect on the remainder in the future. My wife and I made that mistake previously. Any help advising my next move is appreciated. Thank you! 



Validation Letter:


Re: Account Number: 1271538864906440

    Creditor: PayPal, Inc

    Reference Number: 133824


This letter is sent in response to letter received by you on 12/23/2019. I am requesting that you provide verification of this debt.


Send the following information:


The name and address of the original creditor, the account number, and the amount owed.


Verification that there is a valid basis for claiming I am required to pay the current amount owed.


Details about the age and amount of the debt including a copy of the last billing statement from the original creditor; a detailed explanation any interest added or payments made since the last billing statement and the legal authorization for this interest; the date the original creditor claims this debt became delinquent.


Whether this debt is within the statute of limitations and how that was determined.


Details about your authority to collect this debt: whether you are licensed in my state and if so provide the date of the license, name on the license, license number, and the license number, and the name, address and telephone number of the state agency issuing the license. If you are contacting me from outside my state, provide the licensing information from your state as well.


I need more details about what you claim I owe so that I can make an informed decision.







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PayPal is sufficiently reputable that if they provide a letter stating that they consider the debt settled and won't seek further collection, I'd be satisfied in your shoes. 


That said, the settlement states that you'll be restricted from PayPal until such time as you settle the remaining $130 balance.  You don't discuss your financial situation, but I'll suggest that it would be worth ponying up the full liability to retain PalPal access.  Setting aside merchant convenience afforded by PayPal, it my prevent you from doing business with smaller enterprises that use PayPal as a means by which to accept credit card payment.


Ultimately, your decision on how to settle this is your business and I'd respect whatever means you choose.

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Thanks for the input HDP. We had a few things happen to us that were out of our control right around the holidays that caused us to put extra expenses out that weren't planned. Mainly due to to some unforeseen home repairs that needed to get done on top of two kids birthdays and Christmas. We got through it and I agree, I have no issue with paying PayPal back, I just am nervous about going through the debt collector. As long as I'm not out the $513 I'll cut a check to ACI. I tried making payments via my bank account previously through PayPal but they had my account in limbo which prevented me from doing so. I'm wondering if it's worth calling PayPal again at this point or if I have to go through ACI. 

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@mjd18504  I deleted the links you provided to your online 2 files.   I realize you either deleted or removed your name.   The different bar-codes still left for viewing are still readable.    I would recommend you remove the postal linear bar-code and both the square type bar-codes if you want to post your files again.



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Thank our vigilant member (who shall remain nameless) for reporting your post and trying to look out for you.   That's the spirit of our community.

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