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BT Checks

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I get a lots use on promo BT offers when they (rarely) appear. My track record of paying by the promo expiration is 100%. Anyway as data gets more sophisticated, I was curious if other banks are made immediately aware of the use of electronic or check BT to your checking account. I ask this because I time the BT’s for after the accounts report to buy time before the increased utilization appears. I have a three month period of high utilization- sometimes 28.9 to 68.9%- followed by 1% utilization. I don’t want to raise flags about BT usage. I am conservative about trying to avoid AA. Don’t want it to look look bad even though a few months later I am PIF.


So they only question is do banks , not involved in the transaction , know you are using BT checks or electronic transfers deposited to your bank?


Thank you,

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I have always assumed that when a card issuer receives payments they must be logging the routing number and account number used for payment, at minimum for troubleshooting purposes, but probably also to monitor for suspicious activity.  


This would require a white list of routing/account number combos that aren't suspicious for various reasons (known payment accounts for large banks' bill pay services, for example, and perhaps those used by credit card companies for customer balance transfers). 


I would be surprised if they don't know that you've paid with a BT check.  Whether or not that's going to trigger AA is a completely separate question.




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I don't know how they would know where the check was deposited. now if you banked with, say, Chase and deposited BT checks with them and were worried about AA on your Chase CC accounts, that's entirely possible since they would have all the information.

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