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Medical Bill about to be in Collection. What should I do?

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Below is my current situation about 2 bills .  I have been unable to pay them due to poor financial conditions for ;last 1 year.   Please advise on the below situation, as to what I should do.

My main concern is not to get my credit report tarnished. 


Bill 1

    1.  Less than $100.

    2.  For medical lab services incurred on Jul-7-2019

    3.  When I called lab to pay it, they mentioned to me that they can't accept the payment, as it has gone into collection.

    4.  I have not received any notification yet from collector on the bill.


Considering above, please advise

  1.  Whether this will get reported now on my credit report?

  2.  Now  how should I deal with collection agency?  I don intend to pay the bill, but some discount can help.

  3. Is there any way I can still pay to original creditor?


Bill 2 

1.  About 1000

2.  For  ER services  on May-2019

3.  When I called hospital, they told me it is in process of being sent to collection.  I can pay the bill, but I have to pay in full ( as it is being sent to CA & hence they can't discount it)


Considering above, please advise

  1.  Whether this will get reported now on my credit report, if I pay in full to the hospital.

  2.  Since hospital is unable to provide me discount, is it better to wait for CA to send me bill & then pay it?

  3. If I don't pay to hospital & it comes to me through CA,  will it go on my credit report?


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Follow the guides


https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html


If you are able to pay these bills in full, and are SURE they are valid ( check your insurance EOMBs, Explanation Of Medical Benefits to see what was charged. what was allowed, what was paid, and what was left as patient responsibility)


Pay the  bills to each facility with this letter; (insert "a")



If you try to pay them without this letter the $ will automatically go to the assigned collection agency and will be reported as a paid collection-- which is just as bad for your credit as an unpaid one.


If they are already reporting, send each CRA this;


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For Bill 1,  the OC is not willing to accept the payment.  So in such scenario, should I send them a payment with the letter as you suggested above?


Also the CA has not reported it to CRA yet ( At least I have not seen it on my credit report as of yesterday).  Under this scenario, is there a way for me to ensure that it don't get reported by making a payment to appropriate party.  Please suggest.



For Bill 2 , I may be able to follow the process as suggested by you.


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