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Master 2020 Approvals and CLIs Thread

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Added $9K CSP today for the 80k SUB. Cold app through my account (no offer). 15.99 APR not that it matters.   Not instant, let you know ASAP verbiage. Got a call from the fraud dept a couple ho

Today I decided to unfreeze my TU and give NFCU a try. You can see if you prequalify and it said congrats 👀 So I submitted the app and they gave me a whopping $7300 😁😁😁  This is by far my hi

Approved for American Express Gold Delta Skymiles! The credit line is only $1,000, but I am glad to finally get back into AmEx. There is a 50,000 mile signup bonus for this card, which will come in ha

2 hours ago, brainchasm said:

Another $1500 from Discover, just for asking.


This while there's a $15k BT sitting on the card, no less.


This CLI puts the card at $29k.  Gonna stop there I think (does the cards-over-30k-get-ignored-for-scoring thing still happen these days?)



I've lost track of what causes a revolving account to be excluded for the sake of calculating revolving utilization.  That said, it wouldn't be such a bad thing for you if a card at 50% utilization was excluded.

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2 hours ago, hegemony said:

limits >50k


9 hours ago, cv91915 said:

I don't recall the exact number, but I believe the line is in the mid-$40,000s.


Off the top of my head (and this goes back to discussion several years ago), I think it was inferred that TU's threshold was $40k, but that the threshold for EQ and EX might be $50k.  That's a vague recollection, at best.


I stopped sweating this particular phenomenon.  I've basically found that keeping all lines under 30%, and targeting 5% overall (better 2% or under) maintains my FICO 8's in the 800's (assuming no adverse payment entries).  So, I push my limits up as necessary (but, personally, haven't found the need to boost a line over $50k).


On an exception basis, I may temporarily push a line to 50% utilization, without sweating the impact.  So long as I don't seek credit in the interim, there's no material impact and any related score hit pretty much fully reverses upon subsequent pay down.


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2 hours ago, hegemony said:

the 50K is a FICO thingy not CRA specific AFAIK.


One might well have thought so, but if someone can dig up the discussions at the time (I think it was sometime around 2011 or 2012), there was clear evidence in the disparities in reported utilization ratios between myFICO reports from one CRA vs another (TU vs EXP, for example) that some tradelines were being excluded from the utilization calculation in the case of one CRA-based report but included in another.


Obviously, this seems to fly in the face of a uniform FICO calculation ... but that's not necessarily so.  It possible that the utilization value that's input into the FICO score calculation isn't performed within the score calculation itself, but instead the input value is determined by separately by the CRA itself. 


That's obviously speculation, and one could pull any number of explanations from you-know-where.  But the fact remains that there were many cases where the revolving debt data was identical across two or three CRA reports, yet reported myFICO utilization ratios differed from one CRA to another.

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7 hours ago, Allkindabroke said:

Online CLI request for Barclay Reward MasterCard from $20K to $40K .  10 day message and a call 2  hours later saying they increased the limit from $20K to $24K.  EX 823  Util <1%


I haven't been able to squeeze an extra $1 out of them in years.


It's always "not enough usage," no matter how much or little I put on my card.

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Mom sprung a Christmas surprise on me, and put a new phone on our family plan for me.


She told them not to bother activating or porting, no less than five times.


They did it anyway, and my Samsung Galaxy S4 stopped being able to call or text, ofc.


So I go get it, and Mom has gotten me an iPhone 12.  Welp, I did actually need a new phone after seven years, so here we go.

And why is this here, you ask?


Approved for Apple Card, $5k limit. :P


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US Bank Altitude Reserve (for TAD)

$10,000 😆


This card disappeared from the US Bank web site for about three weeks, and rumors of its discontinuation have been circulating.  


But it's back on usbank.com, at least for now, so I grabbed one for TAD.  SUB is still $750 ($4.5k spend in 3 months).



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Chase Ink Preferred $5K CL


I woke up yesterday to an alert that my EX score had gone up 55 points. I assumed that meant my BK had been removed. Pulled my report through ACR and found it was squeaky clean. Applied for the Ink this morning and approved. Probably time for a personal card also since I'm at 4/24.

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