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Opting Out of LexisNexes = Can't Confirm Identity? HELP!

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Hey CB! Hope everybody is awesome!


Recently went to lease a vehicle for my business. The dealer pulled my credit and everything was great (812 EXP FICO). 


They then sent my file to the financing company who said they could not verify my identity and that there was an issue with my SSN. They asked me if it was a CPN? I told them no and produced my brand new social security card (with my new last name on it  which is same name I used for loan as a guarantor for my business loan)


The next day I go to SSA office who says all my info is correct in their system and asked if the dealer gave me a form from eVerify, which I wasn't aware the dealer had done an eVerify.


Got home and started researching eVerify and learned that you can self verify. So , I tried it!


They ask for your information (name, social , dob, address) and then make you verify yourself with the "data broker" type questions.


I answered the questions, and I know I answered them correctly.


But out of 6 questions, 4 of the answers were "does not apply" and two were questions with my actual information.


I tried 3 times before getting locked out for 72 hours and was not able to self verify. I am happy I wasn't applying for a job.


Interestng facts:

I was able to do a name change to my married name in 2018 with SSA 

I was able to renew my passport 2019

I was able to obtain my Known Traveler Number (KTN) for TSA PreCheck 2019


So this all leads me to believe the issue is not with SSA or Homeland Security.


It seems like the issue is with LexisNexis. When I googled why i might be getting the "could not verify" message, LexisNexis was returned in my google search sevral times. I opted out of 3 years ago when I was repairing my credit (yes I know some don't believe that helps - I still do because it blocked that information being used to verify incorrect data)


BUT NOW, it is causing trouble because I also had to produce a SS card for my bank the other day to become a merchant. They too said they couldn't verify my identity and I've been baking with them for years now.


Anyway, if I remove the opt-out from Lexis Nexis, will that open the floodgates for past inaccurate info to resurface on my cbr? Any other suggestions?


Thanks in advance for your help!


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I'm not very familiar with LN. Something us not quite right here or there is some miscommunication about terminology. An employer would use E-Verify to check employment criteria based on federal guidelines. It is just part of what paperwork the employee HR Dept would complete and verify. Did you pass the dealer's ID. verification check?

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I'm not sure what checks the dealer did. They are not willing to tell me either. They just stated they were not able to verify my social. The dealer never even asked to see my ID until there was an issue. They asked to see my Social Security Cardas well. This was an Infiniti Dealership.


It was the lady at social security that asked me if they did eVerify that made me look into that. She however did verify my ID which passed.


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I just googled CPN found this.   How does it relate to your post please?




Are CPN Numbers illegal?
The use of a CPN number with the sole purpose of hiding your credit profile could be construed as fraud, and therefore could be considered illegal. ... The numbers are typically random 9-digit numbers or social security numbers of children or deceased individuals. Using a stolen social security number is a crime.




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I'm not sure what the dealer was trying to verify, my identity or my social. 


The net result was that they could not verify my social and thus asked if I was using a CPN.


They also had me complete a SSA-89 for verification of social security number.


I have not heard anything back from them in regards to this.


I visited the SSA who says my information should be verifiable, so I am not sure what the issue is.

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