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First 30-60 day late ever BECAUSE...

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Strange story -- I have a perfect payment history with around 20 cards, 

I never use my Home Depot card ever -- until a few months ago I used it to make an in-store purchase. The card is issued by CNBA.  (Citi -- I have several of their cards.)


Because of the purchase, I received for the very first time statements from Home Depot. In my apartment complex my next door does use Home Depot a lot and he ended up with my statements until he realized the error and dropped the statements off at my apartment. I paid the balance immediately. 38 days late means it will be reported. 


Is there anything I can do to prevent this from appearing on my credit report? I already called Citi to explain the situation and the woman made a note but said she has never seen them not report when the situation is anything except a bank error. 


Thank you! 

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