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My previous thread was closed by Admin due to things going off the rails a bit..


I DV’d the CA after following Whychats guide. I dis the 1-2 punch and DV’d the CA and also sent the CRA follow up letters.


The CA is local so they actually replied to my DV via snail mail before the CRA even received my follow up dispute letters. Does this mean the CA CAN respond and validate with the CRA since they have sent me the validation? Or are they still under the tome table of not being able to respond to them?


Also.. The CA sent a copy of the bill from the hospital. The date of service was Oct 30 2013. Maine has an SOL period of 6 years. When would that be in relation to the date of service?





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Thanks! I had to ask.. I cant trust my math skills! I even used my fingers to be sure!!

So, since its technically past SOL but is legitimate, can I still get it off the report somehow? We called the hospital (original provider) but they wont take a payment as its owned by the CA and its so old. Last thing I want to do is give the CA any money.

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