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Help with Collection accounts - recommended action(s)

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Hello all:


I found myself in a bad situation a few years back and ended up defaulting and not being able to pay off my creditors. I have two judgments that have popped up on me and I am now in an agreement with (WINN AND ASSOCIATES AND MIDLAND) to payoff. ($1900  and $1140).


I want to get into a mortgage in a few years and know these need to be paid off and/or settled. Can you share your advice with me on the best action/plan that I should take?




Synchrony (gas card) $961 (will settle for $577) 

Synchrony (Sams club) $734 (will settle for $440)


Portfolio Accounts:


$1579 (no offer online to settle). Last payment 01/25/17 (opened 12/13)

$1537 (will accept $1225) (opened 06/12)

$2287 (indicates that they will not sue for this account - don't know that this means and if I should leave it be - anyone know?)

$731 last payment 07/06/2016 (opened 07/12)

$892 last payment 10/10/16 ( opened03/18/15)

$4095 Synchrony bank - this one says that it is sitting with a lawyer - I am assuming they intend to sue and I have no information on last date paid, etc. - what advice do you have?

$955 - last payment 07/12/2016 (06/12 - opening date)



3 accounts - currently have offers with them - does anyone know if they will come after me? They are offering 30% of the balance on these to settle.


I would like on advice on the action(s) that I would take. I really need to improve my score and get these off or at least paid and Settled. I am in California.


Thank you

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Rather than opening date, do you have the dates on each for when you first went delinquent?


Some of these are approaching the statute of limitations so there may be no hurry to pay.  

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