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Seriously lost and confused

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Hi Everyone,


Got suggested this forum.  I need some advise and help.  Looks like I am in a deep hole here with medical collection and I am not sure where and how to proceed other than going to a lawyer,  a little history.  Around 2016 I went into kidney failure and ended up going to ER a few times too many.  Even though I had full insurance somehow my "share" ended up being $6100.  I should have been covered completely.  Long story short insurance did't pay all and it ended up with collections while we (us and the hospital) were still petitioning the insurance to payup. Took a while but we got a big fat NO....

about 3 years ago my spouse also had to be hospitalized for couple days for some surgery.  Almost all was paid by the insurance except about $3000 that they refused,  Same as before, it went into collections.  After about a year later the insurance mailed a check directly to me (I am primary on insurance) instead of the hospital.  I though that was an over payment check that being returned that I cashed.   My mistake.


So total we have about $9100 in collections from hospital (being reported on our CR).  I had them consolidate all the accounts in one and I started making small payments on all my family's accounts (total 9: 5-Live and 4 in collections).  Hospital billing allowed me make payments even on the collections accounts also, even though they have been sent out.  I was actually able to pay off an $85 bill this way that was in collections - but not on our CR.  I thought we were good as long as I was making payments,.


Problem is this letter I received (attached) apparently from the lawyers of the CA. I blacked out the law firms name as I am not sure if I can disclose this in a public forum.  They are asking for $11K total (including $2200 interest) or take legal action against me.!! I took the letter to the hospital billing and they seem to be of no help. "We can;t help, its with collections. Call them" .  They do say that I can pay them off directly but they will have to ask the CA for total including interest.  But, they will give me 5% discount if I pay it all at once.  Yaay.


I don't have $11k.  The $3k I think I have to pay since I did get the check.  Both my wife and I are a little freaked out after this letter since we thought we were good with making small payments.

I am not sure what to do.  Everyone I talked to say go to a lawyer.  That's gonna cost a few thousand again and supposedly no guarantees any of the debt can be negotiated.  Called a couple debt relieve/credit repair companies. A lot of money will be charged with their 'plan' but no real answers.  We just can't support that much financially...


What should I do?  Should I call the CA as the letter suggests and negotiate a settlement/payment? Bite the bullet and hope for best? Hire a lawyer? Hire a debt company?


Or should I start with WhyChats DV letter (wish I had found this forum earlier)?? The lawyer letter says I can ask for debt validation.


But is there enough time for that,  I really don't see what i can do!!!

 Any help will be appreciated..



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Follow the guides;



https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html


Send the "lawyer" this



The account is over 2 years old and this CA "lawyer" obtained the account from a 3rd party and NOT from the OC (original creditor health care provider) so they are NOT legally allowed to report or collect or sue as they have no HIPAA privacy release. ( the HIPAA release is ONLY transferable to the OC's business associate, ie the original collection service).


At the same time you can start to get this deleted from your reports;

Send each CRA the initial dispute letter listing ALL medical accounts



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4 hours ago, Why Chat said:

Hi WhyChat,  thanks for the reply.  I really appreciate it.  A few things

Just to clarify: Address the letter to law firm NOT the collection agency?? The letter format addresses it to the collection agency.  Change that?

Second, should I send it registered, next day with return confirmation?  _ I just a little worried about the time limit, since I took too long.

Third: Send the DV and then start the HIPPA process from start i.e. skip this step later?

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Address it to Acclaim Credit Technologies


The law firm probably has the same address





Send it priority mail as per the instructions.DO NOT send it registered or certified or anything that requires a signature. ( include a copy of the letter from the law firm)


Remember, you will be sending a copy to the CRAs with a follow up dispute


since you will be including that account in your initial dispute letter to the CRAs



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