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Can you remove "Charge off" or "charge off - paid"?

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Not sure if that title makes sense.. I posted a similar question recently, but have a more general question on my issue (Cap1 charged off $3.3K as I was making payments as it was >180 days from a car loan that was paid off by bank - I was paying the negative equity).


I've read CAP 1 doesn't "Pay for delete".... So at this point I am wondering if I can just pay it.. then dispute the balance with the three cra's as I'll have proof of being paid to send with my dispute... Not sure if that will work, or just dispute it as "balance should be zero" or "no chargeoff" vs sending proof of payment (they'll see it was recent pmt)...


Any one  been in a similar scenario or suggestions?



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On 11/7/2019 at 5:06 PM, hegemony said:

regarding the tradeline itself, the balance is a seperate issue from the status. The negative status will remain even if you pay the balance. If the debt is out of SOL there is almost no reason to pay it.

Got it.... It's a new debt, so sounds like I am going to pay it...

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