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Do credit cards need monthly activity?

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Please link to a thread on how to use properly use credit cards.


I have 2 credit cards Mission Lane $500 limit and Milestone $300 limit. I have been maxing them out and paying in full when statement arrives. Is it better to just leave them at zero and not use them? Or pay before due date? Do I need activity on them each month?


I ordered paper copies of all three credit reports. My plan is to dispute and remove the 11 collections I know of, and whatever else is on the paper copies.


Then apply for Secured Discover with $1000 ready for security deposit.

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1 - Buy stuff (but only stuff you'd normally buy anyway) and pay with credit card.

2 - Receive credit card bill.

3 - Pay statement balance in full by due date shown on statement.


Having high utilization reporting isn't good, so you may want to either prepay your balances before the statements close, or only charge a nominal amount on each card until you can get more cards and higher limits.


There's more nuance than that, but once you absorb that please post any new questions and we'll go from there!

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I have two cards that I use all the time because of the rewards and the other dozen or so get used once or twice a year so they don't get closed for inactivity. 

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With those cards you have bigger fish to fry than how much to spend and when to pay.


Focus on what matters like getting some decent major credit cards. 

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