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27, looking to get back on my feet. $83.5k/yr with no rent.

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Hello everyone,


To keep it short, I am looking to get back on my feet. This mountain of debt is killing me physically and mentally.


Inside sales manager for a company ($83.5k gross pay) w/ total compensation OTE of +$116,900

Living with my mother rent free


The reason why I can't rent an apartment currently (and what's my biggest thorn) is a collections stemming from an eviction in 2018 (thanks GF while overseas...) in the amount of $10035. This is the biggest pain as my office is in DC and where I currently reside is a 2.5hr commute with no car.


Other Debts:


ATT/Enhanced Recovery ($892)

Verizon ($875)

Capital One CC'd ($307)

National Credit Systems ($931)

Navy Federal CU CC'd ($698)


"Yikes.." I know.


In addition I have a couple of bank accounts in the negative ~$1500 (2 right now). Those affect CHEX systems, correct?


My questions is where to start? I used the Lexington Law company, but that seemed to be as useful as wet toliet paper.


I'm excited that I can use my income to help my situation, but I don't want to put myself further behind.


Any help is appreciated. Questions are welcomed as well as comments/critiques.

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1) Lexington Law was a waste of money

2) With the income you describe, why are you negative on "a couple of" bank accounts? 

3) The debts, aside from the eviction judgment, are so nominal that it would seem you should be able to just pay them

4) As far as residency goes, there are plenty of places in almost every major city that are owned by non-corporate entities (ie. private owner)...find one of them and strike a deal.  Those are the types that are easily swayed by larger deposits or pre-payment of multiple months (which again, given the claimed income, should not be a problem). 

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echoing Centex here... how can you live rent free and make good bank but not keep current? something isn't adding up. sit back and write out a budget and all your negative items.


are the negative "other debts"  out of SOL?

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Thanks everyone for your responses. Most debts are from the past and will fall off my credit between 2021 and 2026. I've just started at this job in August. I was unemployed for some time before.  I have a copy of my credit reports as of yesterday. How would I find the SOL?


(hegemony) The 100k/yr was located in a place where both metro and uber were way cost prohibitive to the position. I don't own a car. Maybe it's just me and negligence? I can admit I certainly need a budget immediately.


Thanks all, again. I really appreciate it.

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So get a car or ride the train? 


Im with the other commenters. Something isn’t adding up. 


I have to personally disagree with centex about paying those old collection debts, *unless* it’s a PFD. You can take credit repair matters into your own hands and eventually get that stuff removed if you want to badly enough. 


According to my math you should be receiving at minimum $3k bi-weekly, so just knock out anything that’s negative balance or not a collection. 


Also just because you cant qualify to rent your own apartment currently doesn’t mean you can’t find a room to rent nearby your place of work, if commuting is that cost prohibitive. 

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