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Equifax used 'admin' as username and password for sensitive data: lawsuit

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Yeah, I heard this on a podcast I was listening to last week.  Unbelievable. There were other egregious errors too -- not implementing a patch on a known vulnerability for 4-5 months, until after the breech was discovered; unsecured servers; login and password info embedded in the java script for public-facing websites where it was easily visible to even amateur hackers; and best of all, the people in charge of computer security -- the chief information officer and more critically the chief security officer -- had absolutely no technical background.  The chief security officer was Susan Mauldin, a music composition major -- no computer or information technology background whatsoever.


Even after they discovered the breach and finally applied the software vulnerability patch, they left other critical vulnerabilities open and waited weeks to announce the breach happened, during which time top execs started unloading their stocks before they could tank.  I read recently one of them just got a 4-month prison sentence for insider trading.


The website they set up for the public to see if they were affected was a sham -- one investigative reporter entered a bogus SSN and Donald Trump's name and was told his information was affected by the breach. In fact, you could enter any information in the fields and be told you were affected and be offered a chance to sign up for their credit monitoring service.


They are using the breach to promote and make money off their credit monitoring service.  I could go on for days.  Every time I think of this I have to take an ice bath to lower my blood pressure.







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