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WhyChat help please! Equifax just says "verified as yours"

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5 small medical collections. Only one is over $100. I honestly am not sure if they have all been paid or not. I think they may have been paid to the OC over a year ago. I'm certain that at least part of them were.


I opted out and sent the initial dispute letters verbatim. TU deleted all disputed items. Experian letter is MIA and will probably have to be resent. (They all were mailed at the same time, but that one never even scanned at origin.) Equifax simply updated the balance date and provided results for each item that say "We verified that this item belongs to you." (At the top section of the page it also says "consumer's dispute not specific."


So, now what? I really doubt that they verified anything with the OC. I can't jump to the next step without knowing which if any of the balances still actually exist.  Pretty sure if I can find the right department for the OC (hospital lab svcs) they will talk to me and tell me what they have, but what's the best approach now?



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Have you followed the guides?


https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html


If so, what does your tracking of the initial dispute letter


to Ex show for the delivery date??


What was the date(s) of alleged services?


Do you have your EOMBs (explanation of medical services) from your insurance Co. for these medical visits??

If you can match the accounts with your EOMBs AND check your credit and checking account records for any payments you made you will have a better idea if you actually owe anything.


Send the reporting CA(s) the medical DV


send Ex and Eq the follow up dispute




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Dates are late 2016 and early 2017. I don't have the EOMBs.  I think I paid over the phone. I called in to pay a bill and they said "you have these outstanding" and I paid them at the same time. They are lab services. Complicating things, it seems that the billing is done through a third party. The current company took over the service in March 2018 and has no info on anything prior.

Confession: I'm not good with paper. Life overwhelms at times which is how I end up with this. On top of that we had a fire in May 2018 and were completely moved out of the house for 6 months. Papers didn't go up in flames (fire was mainly in the garage) but a lot of things were tossed.

I really appreciate your help, and all that you do here. The DV does seem to be the best thing at this point.

There is no question that these were mine and valid. The are the adjusted patient liability on routine lab services. I'm 80% certain that some or all were paid (the other 20% is because there is a chance that what I paid were relatively small bills from the doctor's office, which also go through the hospital billing.) I have somewhere around 10 credit/debit cards, 2 checking accounts, and no idea exactly when these would have been paid, so combing through all the statements will be tedious if necessary.


The EXP letter doesn't have any tracking at all. That's what I meant by MIA. I dropped all three in a box at the same time. Two were delivered. EXP never got an acceptance scan or delivery scan. I waited to see if I got a reply just in case it was delivered anyway, but it seems to have vanished completely in the postal stream and will have to be resent.

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Send the medical DVs. As soon as you have the proof of delivery ( you ARE sending these letters priority mail with a tracking # aren't you?) send the CRAs the follow up disputes.


I doubt very much that any of these accounts are valid. If they WERE valid you would have received a response from the reporting CAs as a result of your initial dispute letters to the CRAs

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