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Best course of action ?

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Hi I have a few Emergency room visits ,that have gone unpaid they are as follows Ar resources October 2016 $221 

Ar resources December 2018 $1098

Mba law June 2019 $299

Mba law June 2019 $300

Common wealth finance July 2019 $1172

 What would be the best and most affordable way to handle these debts ?

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Follow the guides;



https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html


Send each CRA the initial dispute letter listing ALL medical accounts as they are reporting on the report you are disputing.



Do you have your EOMBs (explanation of medical benefits) from your insurance Co. particularly for the 2019 account??


If so, is the amount of the 2019 account showing as your responsibility, ie deductible and/or co-pay??

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Ok that was easy enough to start off , I opted out and requested my Eomb, I'm not the sharpest mind I'm a real layman,the process of whychat is to accomplish what? My goal is to just pay these things off cheaply and carry on with life? How can I just pay pennies on the dollar? I have focus issues and lots of steps are very nerve-racking 

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If you had no insurance at the time of medical services in any of these, what did you do when you were asked for your insurance information?? Did you qualify for medicaid?? Was assistance offered to you. Was the last medical service at a hospital?? Go to this website and look up what the normal and average approved charges would have been IF you had been insured ( for the 2018&2019 accounts only)





I hope you have insurance now.


You cannot pay "pennies on the dollar" you either have to not pay anything and hope you don't get sued, or pay what the normal charges would have been if you had been insured.

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