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      WASHINGTON — Toyota Motor Credit Corp. will replace Mazda Capital Services as the captive consumer loan and lease financing company for U.S. Mazda dealers, according to a report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission Wednesday.
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      Good afternoon all,
      I was hoping for some advice in regards to the most beneficial way to go about this.  I am offered a personal loan by AMEX with a 8% APR interest rate.  I currently have two other personal loans with a much higher interest rates which would be paid off by October of this year if I leave it as it is, or pay them off early through my tax refund.  I am looking at purchasing a new vehicle in May of this year and my utilization on my CC is right around 35%, if I take the AMEX loan, or my tax refund it would bump my UTI. to around 22% and would also actually help my DTI which is at 28% right now.  I know that Amex wont HP for the loan, so I would not add a Inquiry to my report ( I have 3 in the last 24 months across all three CRs). I am just wondering, curious how much it would negatively affect me with adding a new account/ lover my average age account that sits at 6yrs and 5months right now? I would think paying off two loans, bringing down my CC debt will give me a boost of my FICO score, right now around 710-720 across all three CRs auto enhanced.  Really just worried that seeking new credit four months before applying for a auto loan is a bad thing to do ? 
      Really would appreciate all input

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