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Small medical collection....how should I handle?

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A medical collection for only $58 has just been added to my credit report.  I am wondering if I even owe this because I pay all my medical debts right away or establish a payment plan if the amount is too high.  I have had several costly procedures in the last 2 years and noticed the various doctors and other services all bill separately.  I do my best to keep up but may have overlook this one. 


I think I read somewhere that small amounts like I have for medical bills are automatically removed once paid?  Is that true?  Or should I use Why Chat method to get this off my report?  

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Follow the guides;



How old is this reported account?? Are you SURE it is yours?? Check your reports carefully for any errors such as alternate spelling of your name or unknown addresses or alternate SS#s

Check your insurance EOMBs ( explanation of medical benefits) and see if there is a matching entry of any kind.


If you pay the reporting CA you may be compounding the issue, if you pay the OC (original creditor doctor) you may have no way of getting it off your reports as it may not have been assigned by the OC to the reporting CA


Send the CRAs where it (or any other medical account ) is reporting the initial dispute letter;


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I am not sure what the date of service is but probably earlier this year.  It was added to my credit report a few days ago and credit karma alerted me.  I will check my EOMB and also check for reporting errors.  Should I send the initial dispute letter right away while I'm figuring out the EOMBI pulled my annual free credit report and it says:  


Date Assigned 07/18/2019
Original Amount Owed $58.00
Amount $58.00
Status Date 09/06/2019
Balance Date 09/06/2019
Account Designator Code INDIVIDUAL_ACCOUNT
Creditor Classification Medical or Health Care
Last Payment Date  
Date of First Delinquency 03/09/2019



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Yes send the initial dispute letter to the CRAs now. That way IF it actually was directly assigned to the reporting CA they will respond directly to you and you can pay the OC with the HIPAA letter insert "a" (providing your EOMBs show that it is actually owed)

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Ok both CRA's where this $58 medical collection debt appeared has deleted in response to my initial dispute letter.  Experian sent a letter stating so but Equifax deleted without responding to me.  Equifax did send me an email asking me to login online to get results of dispute.  I have not signed into Equifax in years and no better than to do so right now.  So that ends that.  However, now there's another one.


This one is for $110 and it's the same collection agency for the same debtor (doctor's office). The account numbers are different from the $58 on both Experian and Equifax debt that was deleted. 


I should send the initial dispute letter and handle this a new one? I think that's what I should do but I'm checking with you WhyChat.  Thanks for your help!!

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Make sure you are still opted out.

Yes send the initial dispute letter to the CRAs 

Send a registered letter to the doctor's office stating that their incorrect billing practices have caused damage to your credit and request they cease and desist fraudulent collection activities through (name of CA) state that you reserve the right to report them to the OCR for HIPAA privacy violations and file suit for damages.

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