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Heads up for anyone with an EOS CCA collection on their reports, I just had an agreement to delete from the CRA's with a paid in full. 


Details - $561 collection account from an old Verizon Wireless bill from 2015. EOS CCA bought the debt from Verizon. Verizon was not reporting. 


I tried various methods to have the debt removed. It came back verified, PFD letters were ignored or returned, etc. 


9/5/19 I called EOS CCA and nicely informed the gentleman on the phone I would love to pay the debt with full deletion from my credit reports. 

Transferred to another person. Made my pitch again.

The lady I spoke to informed me it was company policy to report the debt as "paid, no balance". I informed her I would be unable to pay the debt without an agreement to delete.

Transferred to a manager. Made my pitch again.

The manager informed me that he could indeed delete the account if I paid the debt in full. He agreed to being audio recorded saying as much, stating his name and extension, as well as conditions of the payment, and that it would be deleted no later than 30 days from payment. 


This was my final collection on my credit reports! I started with 8 collection accounts in 2016 and with the information found here have finally cleaned up the majority of my file! I have (2) 30 day late's with Cap One from 2016 and have been blowing up their executives with GW emails. On another note, I had 5 paid student loan accounts reporting 120 days late due to fall off in FEB. 2020 that TransUnion and Experian deleted early. Still waiting on Equifax.


I closed on my first home 3 weeks ago, just got a CLI to 25k on my NFCU credit card and looking forward to more! Never would have been possible without this forum. Truly a great day!

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