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An AAwful Cluster: How American Ruined My Trip To Croatia (status challenge failure)

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The comments posted to the column pretty much say it all... 


The guy books a mileage run from the heartland to Honolulu on AA, then from Honolulu to Dubrovnik, Croatia on a separate ticket with a One World partner, allowing a 6 hour layover.  The AA flight has an equipment problem that ultimately means he can't make the partner flight and looks to AA to accommodate under their OW policies.


At minimum, I'll say the guy is an incredible optimist.  No doubt the separate ticketing involved a discount that he couldn't get when booking the entire trip under one ticket.  Based upon my limited experience, all bets fly out the window at that point.


Whether AA was on the hook to accommodate seems debatable still ( ... some indication that the technical policy says they should have, but my reading suggests the policy is intended for application when the continuing OW segment is booked on the same ticket). 


What I do know is that if you set yourself up for potentially problematic circumstances, they have a tendency to bear out.







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