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IP over Bluetooth; Bt device names vs. IP hosts...

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See, I'm trying to see if I can access a rinky-dink website, hosted on my laptop "Maynard" (Windows 7, IIS) from a rinky-dink little Android tablet.


On Maynard I set up an ad-hoc WiFi network, called, say, Smoib (I would've won a Words With Friends game if "smoib" were an acceptable word to them).  My iPhone can see Smoib but for some reason is "Unable to join" (I've checked the WPA2 password & everything...)  my tablet can't even see Smoib, not after I manually re-scan for available nets.


However, Maynard and the tablet have achieved Bluetooth pairing.


I believe my rinkydink website is working; when I type http://localhost/Smoibhomepage.html into my Chrome bar it displays just as I've "coded" it (heh). (Ideally of course the tablet would've connected to Smoib over wifi, and while I don't have DNS set up, I statically configured as Smoib's IP address; hoping that would've gotten me somewhere.  With the tablet for whatever reason not even seeing Smoib, that is currently a dead end.)


What I'm asking, if anything, is - can I set things up so that Tablet can view my Maynard-hosted webpage via the Bluetooth connection?  Bluetooth as I understand it (which I don't (nice going)) only operates in the bottom two layers of OSI, honestly I don't even know if there's a spec for routing IP packets over it.  On an ultra-lark, I tried putting "http://MAYNARD/Smoibhomepage.html" in my tablet's browser bar.  It can't see the WiFi guy's IP address, but it's got the Bluetooth device name, so I thought give it a shot.  I was not surprised to see it not work.


: /


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