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Husband Received $25 Collection Bill Today From Alliance CA in Marshfield, WI

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Hi All,


Well it's been literally YEARS since I've needed advice here (my credit is great now, thanks to everyone's wise advice and my persistence after going through a BK some years ago)!


So, about 1-1/2 weeks ago, I had mine and my husband's bills with Aurora HC to call in and pay all of our co-pays ($25 for each office visit).  It was late on a Friday afternoon so I paid all mine (around $200).  I asked the customer service rep if they were open on Sat and she said no, so I said I'd call back this week to pay my husband's co-pays ($150).


Of course, stupidly I forgot to call them back (I could kick myself now), as today I got a collection notice from Alliance Collection Agencies, Inc. in Marshfield, WI for the oldest of the co-pays (3/18/19) for $25.


I immediately called Aurora to pay his current $150 (which no longer included the $25 for the 3/18 date, but one more future office visit he had), so those were taken care of.  However, I asked them if I could also pay the $25 3/18 directly to them.  They told me no, that I had to call the CA.  Believe me, not something I want to do as it could come back and bite us as a PAID COLLECTION.  We both have pretty stellar credit and this just kills me.


So then I asked to talk to a "Lead" at Aurora, and she told me she could take the payment, but then Aurora would have to wait until the CA contacted them (and there's no predicting how long that could take as she told me they only contact them once a month).


So I did NOT pay it for now.  And I didn't want to call the CA and pay it either.


I did ask her (the Aurora Lead) if I did pay it would it stay in their system to be applied to that date, or would it go to one of my husband's future doctor visits, she seemed to think it would stay until the CA reached out to them.


I've NEVER had this happen before.  I've always been able to call the HC provider if one ever did slip through and they'd always take the payment.  As I said, the CA letter just came in today's mail.


So what next?  I am familiar with Why Chat's HIPPAA method, I had to do it years ago to get a bunch of medical collections OFF my Credit Bureaus (it worked), but at this early stage of the game, should i just call Aurora (medical provider) back and talk to the Lead again and give them the payment today or tomorrow?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  I don't want to start with any letters or anything if it delays this getting paid and accidentally goes on my DH's credit.


I'll wait for any of your wisdom, and THANKS!!

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Why Chat,

Thanks for the quick answer.  When you say pay THEM do you mean the OC (Aurora HC where DH had services)?  Then I'd use the "Letter to HC Provider"?


Also, I paid Aurora (OC) $150 today, which did NOT include the $25 that went to the CA.  Only the 3/18/19 co-pay of $25 went to the CA, not the entire $150.  So we're now paid up in full to Aurora except for the $25 that went to the CA.  


So basially I guess I'm asking, do I just send the letter to Aurora (OC) --Original HC Provider--with my $25 (as paid in full now) and list the date of service (3/18/19)?


I saw it what form it has to be a bank cashiers check or bank money order.


Also where it says to send to the HC Provider's HIPAA Complance Office, can that be the same as the billing address on the bill?


Thanks again for answering all my questions!


I'll also keep an eye on his credit bureaus--I pull them periodically anyways (after fixing my credit years ago I'm pretty vigilant).   

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Why Chat,


One last thing, do I need to send ANY correspondence to the Collection Agency now, I suspect not, but please let me know.  Thanks again!

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