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Starting Over With Medical Collection

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Hi Everyone,


I'm kind of at my wit's end with 2 medical collections on my report.  They are both from a single ER visit in 2015 that they claim I made.  I have disputed them repeatedly, but they keep coming back as validated.  I disputed with the CFPB, which did absolutely nothing.  I also hired a credit repair outfit who sent countless letters, all of which resulted in them coming back as valid debts.  The two companies are debt collectors for a physicians group that the hospital contracts with, and the hospital itself.  


They both sent itemized bills as a result of the letters that the credit repair people sent.  However the item on the hospital bill just says "ER Level 3, $889," and the one from the collector for the physicians group just says "Emergency Evaluation & Management Services - $424.00".  I doubt either of those constitute HIPAA violations.  So I'm pretty lost as to what to do now.  I have read WhyChat's site, but given where I am in the process because of the credit repair people (who I wound up firing because it was clear they were just going to send the same letters over and over), I need to see what I can do from here, if anything at all.


Any advice would me appreciated.

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Follow the guides;


https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html


Did you have insurance at the time?? If so try to get your EOMBs (explanation of medical benefits)


Start by sending each CRA the initial dispute letter. List ALL medical accounts as they appear on the report you are disputing.



I doubt that your prior "disputes" via the "credit repair" service will interfere with the HIPAA program as the HIPAA program was designed to short cut the usual dispute processes which are not actually handled by live human beings but through an automated computer program. If you follow ALL the directions exactly you should get better results. Come back to this post with your results and/or for further instructions.

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