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Stuck - What to do Next?

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Hello Whychat,

I needed to find out the next steps to take regarding collection agencies not responding to my initial dispute letter.

I have done all the steps and sent out the dispute letter to the CA and heard back from only one.

The one that responded only sent me vague response of what I owed:

Patient Name: LohaLonnie 

Date of Service: July 2014

Account Type: Medical Debt

Amount Owed: $1914

I also have two other collection accounts (one including the exact same amount listed above) but have not heard anything from either of them.

Hopefully I followed your method right. When I did not receive a response from the CA I sent the CB a letter stating no response from the CA’s listed on my report. The CB’s then reviewed my disputes and said the CA accounts are indeed verified but I have only hear from one.

Question - What are my next steps to:

1. Receive the proper/more documentation from the CA that did respond 

2. On how to proceed with the CA’s that did not respond and all 3 CB’s are reporting that the accounts are verified?

3. Find out which account is accurate when it is reporting the same amount of $1914

Thank you in advance, Whychat

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You say you followed ALL the steps?


You opted out and deleted old addresses?

https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html

You sent the CRAs the initial dispute letter?


You sent the CA the medical DV?


You sent the CRAs the follow up dispute?


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Hi Why Chat, 


Yes, I have followed all the steps and even Equifax asked to send in Identification to prove my identify. After all of these steps, one response from a CA (non from the other two), and all three of the CRA's stating that they debt is verified, I don't where to go from here. Would I need to send out another DV to the CAs who have not responded (and even another one DV with the lack of information) ? 

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The date of service was in 2014?? Exactly what kind of health care facility was this?? Was it a Governmental facility??

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I know that it would have not been a government facility as I was no longer an Air Force dependent at that time. And yes, all statements say 2014. 

Edited by LohaLonnie

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Hi Why Chat! 

I recently contacted an OC today that had a medical account sent to the CA as I have not heard at all from the CA concerning this account.  I wanted to get your next steps on this particular situation 


Back in 2017 I wrote a check for $116.00 to the OC when I received the first letter from the CA (I travel a lot for work and simply forgot) I physically went down to the OC to pay the account and listed the account number on the check. The check was cashed by the OC. A month later I received yet another letter from the CA for the same account and have been trying to dispute with them ever since because this account was paid for. 


Now today I find out from the OC that the check that I wrote was used for another balance instead of the one that was listed on the check. All this time I thought I wrote a check for the account listed on the check. 


So I wanted to ask your opinion in the Why Chat method to take next? 


Thank you Why Chat 

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Hi Why Chat, 


Yes, this account is still reporting. Apparently I still owe on this account even though I wrote a check with the account number and the check was cashed by the OC. Unfortunately, the check was used for another account and not the account listed on the check. 


I will certainly pay that account as you stated and hopefully the OC will contact the CA and remove this account! 


Thank you Why Chat :) 

Edited by LohaLonnie

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NO NO NO!! If it is reporting you need to dispute it first, If you don't do that and pay the OC  they may not have a current relationship with the CA and you would not get a deletion.

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