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My wife had a collection with Convergent for $212 from a comcast bill. They sold it back to comcast and before I could pay it we got a dunning letter from Southwest Credit Systems for the account.


My plan was to DV Southwest since we are still within the 30 day period, then pay comcast online. Problem is the account is no longer available to login to.


I know I've read about getting something in writing from the CA to not report in exchange for PIF, but I cant seem to find any of those posts now.  How do I go about that?


Also, is Southwest a JDB?

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I seriously doubt there was a sale to ANY entity.  Do not fall into the misconceptions that all third party entities are purchasers.  MANY creditors place paper while retaining the actual ownership of an account.  Placement paper will not report in most circumstances.  But people tend to get screwed because they want to play games instead of simply clearing the account.  The amount of time wasted on this sort of a nothing-burger is mind-boggling. 


Go into your local Comcrap office and give them the $212 that they want and then you have a receipt showing it was paid.  Ensure that this covers all trailing interest that might have existed.  And if this is because equipment was not returned, then give them their box back.  You then have a receipt that shows the matter has a zero balance AND will have a piece of paper with the equipment serial numbers. 

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