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Two Bucks, and a Tortoise

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Man, lots of wildlife around here. Last week there were a couple bucks cruising the side yard nibbling on some of the tree leaves. When I drove in and there were at least 4 rabbits scurrying. Hawks circling looking for dinner. And coyotes walking around with not a care in the world. Never seen so many critters.


Such is life in SoCal after a wet Spring combined with a general prohibition on hunting.


GF was walking the dog and saw a tortoise in the street. A car came down and she frantically waved at it but it stopped right over the tortoise. But the car hadn't hit it. The occupant got out quite distressed and they gathered up the creature. GF called a neighbor that collects various critters including tortoises, lamas, etc. She packed it up and took it to her whereupon the woman was overjoyed. Turns out it was one of hers that escaped about 3 years ago. Apparently tortoises are quite good at finding their way out of enclosures.


While the neighbor was happy to get her pet back, it isn't clear the tortoise was as pleased.


BTW, I've been informed the difference between tortoises and turtles is that the former live on land while the latter live in water.

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Correct, tortoises are the ones that live only on land.  They can't swim.  Do not put one into a body of water thinking it is a turtle.

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