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Chase UR for JFK > AMS?

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Hi folks


I have about 300k Chase UR points. I’m looking into flights from New York (JFK) to Amsterdam (AMS). Trying to maximize value for redemption!


If I book a flight through the Chase UR site, the redemption value is 1.5 centers per point however the flights seem to be about $60 higher plus baggage fees. 


Would I be better off transferring the points to an airline for direct use? What has your experience been?


I will be returning to JFK from Copenhagen, Denmark (CPH). 

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Generally redeeming the points on the Chase travel portal is going to be the least beneficial redemption option you have (given that you wouldn't transfer them to a partner airline to get a value lower than the $0.015 you'd get on the portal).  You best bet is to find out all of the carriers that run the specific route you are interested in, and see which ones are travel partners with URs (for transferring).  Then compare the miles/points required to the cash cost of the flight.  Don't forget that if you use URs through the website it is like paying a revenue fare, so you would still be eligible to earn miles on the flight, so factor that into your analysis.


There are also ways to book partner airlines on domestic sites like United, but I am not too familiar with doing this.  Honestly your best bet is to pop over to the flyer talk forum and ask in the UR forum there.  There are people over there that are experts in doing this and will likely offer the best advice.

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