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NASA FCU Hassles to Be Aware Of

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NASA FCU offers very generous lines of credit on their credit cards, but for the uninitiated, there are tricks and traps they don't disclose to you upfront that you will find out about later. Around three years ago, my husband and I each opened new NASA accounts and were promptly given $30k in credit each. We did balance transfers on the accounts. Last month, we paid off one of them (actually overpaid it, thanks to their obnoxiously awful online banking system that does not always acknowledge account actions like payments). Instead of seeking a refund, I just decided to pull out the NASA credit card and use that to recoup my credit balance. Except the card I had put away in a box three years ago was long expired. There was no replacement card ever issued to either of us. So I wrote them, which is when I learned from representative number one "the account has been closed for inactivity since December 2018." I was invited to re-apply. This despite regular monthly payments being made for all three years, the last of which posted in May.


This was news to me. The online dashboard still reflected the $30k credit line and more than $30k in available credit because of the credit balance now on the account. No warning, no message, no nothing. 


I complained about these things in response and the representative quickly reopened the credit line and issued a new card. 


For the other account, which still has a balance transfer being paid down, I wrote a separate email about the missing replacement card. I was informedthe account was still open, the credit line was still active, BUT the account's ability to accept new charges was paused due to inactivity and a new card was not scheduled to be automatically issued. NASA FCU requires at least two credit transactions annually, preferably spread out at six-month intervals, to keep a credit line active and available for use. They don't give you warnings. Payments do not count as activity. Only purchases. They are sending a new card to get this account unlocked and open as well. 


This is literally the only card I have ever had that did not treat payments as legitimate activity. Thank goodness we did not have to re-apply and take a hard pull, and if you complain they are responsive. 


Reviews about NASA FCU are not good on Yelp. Apparently the credit union's customer service and member responsiveness have taken some serious hits in the last three years. I invite people to explore that on their own. But word to the wise -- buy something small at least twice a year on those NASA cards or risk seeing them closed.

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I also experienced NASA FCU not sending renewal cards to dormant credit accounts. I just contacted them and they sent me a replacement. You also should put a deposit into your savings account at least biannually if not quarterly to avoid service fees.

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How ANY financial institution can consider a credit card or any revolving account for that matter, which has a BALANCE and is actively being paid monthly a dormant account is totally beyond me! Glad I passed on NASA FCU, especially since they lowered their MAX CL on cards to $30K, changes must be due to the CB effect, LOL!

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