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I had a US Bank checking account in 2013.  I became ill and was off work due to treatment. The account became overdrawn for mostly overdraft fees and a small balance on a cash advance.


i filed Chapter 13 in 2014 and was just about finished paying.  Unfortunately, the trustee raised my payments and While I pay, the payments are sometimes a couple of days late.  Since a payment was received late during Doomsday, my bankruptcy is going to  be dismissed.  


US Bank was one of the last creditors to be paid.  I called US Bank to get the balance due, which is very doable for me to pay after the dismissal.  US Bank told me that even if I pay it, once it’s dismissed, it would still be reported to ChexSystems AGAIN even though the account is 6 years old.


i called ChexSystems and think I was routed to an out of country call center.   It was apparently reported and removed once I filed Chapter 13.  The rep told me US Bank can’t submit again.  Can anyone shed any light on this?  All my major creditors have been paid with the 30K I already paid in..  The ones left, I can handle on my own.  I really just don’t want to be reported to ChexSystems for an account from 6 years ago.



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If this is the same account, federal law says it can only be reported for 7.5 years after the date of first delinquency.

***However Chexsystems has an internal policy to only report for five years.


I doubt it will be reported again, if so let us know. We'll tell you how to dispute it.


Also, get your free annual Early Warning report to double check if it was reported there. They only report for five years as well, but double check before applying for new accounts.





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