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Best Credit Card for Good Equifax score

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I have an 803 Equifax score. I live in California. I’d like to apply for a non- credit Union credit card with a high limit. I checked out creditpulls for recent data but nothing much fit my criteria.


Is there anyone that has had recent experience with their EQ score in California?


Also, does it matter where I live if I apply online?



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geography matters a lot less than it used to last century.


also, what does "high" mean to you?


my highest limit non-CU cards are Chase, BOA, Amex, Citi, and Barclaycard. I'm in NV which is largely a function of SoCal for pulls.


note, however, that high chase, barclaycard, and amex limits take time (combos) and citi and BOA take time (soft CLI via luv button). It has taken 2 year to get my Citi Prestige over 50k.



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Equifax in Kalifornia, LOL!


You are either going to need a CU that is a dedicated EQ puller like PenFed or a regional bank based in the South that is a dedicated EQ puller.  With Equifax based in Atlanta, they use to own the regional & community bank business in the South, however I do not currently know how dominate they are in that market anymore.

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